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Thanks to QinetiQ Bushman Trackers

SponsorshipPosted by Chris Todd 05 Sep, 2012 00:39:23

Thanks very much to QinetiQ Bushman Asset Tracking for provision of a tracking service...used for "global asset tracking".

If I'm using a Bushman, does this now make me a "Global Asset"...hmmm, not sure?

But what I do know is that this little hand held device will give continuous satellite based position updates. Bushman have set the update frequency to be around 10 minutes which will be more than enough to cope with my snail's pace and will give me more than enough battery for the crossing - if I don'k make it across in 48 hrs...I'm sure the battery will outlast me.

For more info about the handy James Bond style tracking device see the website

I want to thank QinetiQ Bushman for the no-nonsense straight talking help and support - if only everything in life were as quick, simple and straight-forward as dealing with QinetiQ Bushman.

So, thanks for helping make this event "observable" for those not bobbing up and down in the Irish Sea!

The tracking link will go onto the IrishSeaCrossing website shortly.


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