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Thanks to Hacklings Storage and Distribution

SponsorshipPosted by Chris Todd 04 Oct, 2012 16:21:19

A massive thanks to Hacklings Storage and Distribution for transportation of the fuel for the safety boat.

The fuel for the safety boat has to be one of the most important parts of the jig-saw puzzle and moving it around the country to get it to the Safety Boat, Rib Energy, Liverpool docks, has been one of my biggest headaches!

Rapid and efficient movement of hazardous substances, I have discovered, is not what I am good at. Too many complications / regulations / considerations and qualifications involved! But, luckily for me, shipping of hazardous goods is just one of the things that Hacklings Storage and Distribution are good at!

The introduction on the Hacklings website,, states "Not all Haulage companies are the same" and I have to say, that I agree. I have contacted quite a number of transport agencies to investigate shipping this rather important load. As soon as I started talking to Hacklings, I was amazed by their helpfulness and efficiency.

It seems to me to be an effective organisation which great flexibility and rapid decision making…which is a perfect combination, for changing situations, such as shipping fuel for a safety boat, under the imminent threat of good weather and a launch for the Irish Sea Crossing attempt.

So, thanks to Hacklings for their quick and eager support for the WBA and the RNLI, two great charities, and also for taking away the worry of transporting the large quantities of fuel needed for the Safety Boat.

Thank you


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